What do people think about pair programming?

According to research PP produces better code while not reducing productivity.

Why CI is BETTER Than Feature Branching - YouTube

I made some notes about how I’d like to do pair programming, especially in a remote work situation.

Remote pairing. Jump in on other people’s code to earn “pair credits”. Spend credits to get people to jump in and help out your code.

Pair program only if you like it, only with mutual agreement, and only for how long you want.

Multiple cursors allows an assistant cursor to fix mistakes made by the primary cursor. The assistant cursor cannot alter the viewport; It can only view what the main cursor is navigating to.

Coordinate by voice and/or video.

What do Julia programmers think of it? Do you think it can be integrated with vscode?


I think it can be great, with a person (though I only did it before without Julia, I think should apply in that case too), and now with an AI tool, so maybe with a human is getting redundant? Or ternary programming, two humans plus AI?

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vscode has an excellent plugin called live share that allows real time remote collaboration. I don’t like pair programming for most things, but I love it for fixing hard problems.


A while back, I worked for a company that did pair programming part of the day. I probably learned more during that period than probably any other period during which I have worked as a programmer. With that said, I found it to be somewhat stressful at times (my pair was the senior programmer). I think the folks that managed us realized that it could be somewhat stressful, and didn’t mandate that all programming be done this way, just some.

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