What are you working on this week?



As long as some do something with Julia?


Try to find time, to understand “String” chapter in documentation. I read it once, but I don’t get it.



Still simulating Ferroelectric materials with JuAFEM. Just finished implementing a way to include non-local interactions, next up is trying to figure out a way to go from a coarse mesh down to a refined mesh in the correct areas. Spent all yesterday trying to figure out how to remesh a tetrahedral mesh and got nowhere :smiley:


FinEtools has a function for octasection of tetrahedral mesh. And conversion from and to quadratic tets.


I am going to complete my thesis.


Hi all, I hope @oxinabox’s thesis is going well :stuck_out_tongue:

The thing I’ve been working on is making a plotting tool for exploring fusion reactors.

// i.e. simplifying the problem to a 20 input variable based univariate root solve

An old thesis draft can be found here, but the main thing I’m asking for is help!

Can you guys try booting up this jupyter binder and telling me if it works?

// note: it does take a second to load (like that old tetris one)

edit: working implies that the plots and interact.jl play together nicely – hopefully on windows, firefox, etc.

(there is a known issue where the screen bounces a little from button presses)


This week,
I am going to submit my thesis.


seriously though. it would be really helpful if people tried out fusion.codes

// it’s really hard to test something like this cross-platform :grimacing:

  • Seems to work fine on my computer (Ubuntu 16.04, firefox 62.0).
  • The load time was indeed very long.
  • The text on the figures is too small to read.
  • When you click somewhere you are transported back to the middle of the page, so you cannot keep your eyes on the figure to see how it changes
  • The legend box sometimes hides part of points on the figure


Sorry, reading my message again I realise that my comments were extremely dry !

I also want to say that the whole app seems to work well, it responds very quickly and seems a nice piece of work in spite of the few glitches I pointed out.


edit: I think I fixed most of the issues with the gui!

  1. As for long load times, I don’t know how to fix that (as plots take a while and binder takes a while)
  2. And making the legend work for every plot seems kind of difficult. There is a toggle to hide it though!

Again, thanks for your help. I’d have thought everything was working fine without you :slight_smile:


Hey @djsegal want to help me out at JuliaFusion? So far I just have stuff I worked on my thesis but I’m hoping to add tools for working with plasma profiles and other infrastructural tools.


I’d be interested. I’ve seen @namurphy has been playing around with julia a little too.

Are many people at diii-d using Julia? Down to talk more offline


I think it’s just me using Julia at the moment at DIII-D and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon as people have just now started using Python instead of IDL. Convincing people to switch languages so soon after they just did is a tall order. However, I’m hoping with JuliaFusion we can convert the matlab holdouts and HPC people who can’t use Python for their work. I’ve talked with Nick at a few APS meetings; it would be great if he wanted to help out.


where’s the code that produces the “app”? looks neat! (and seems to work fine on ubuntu+firefox)


i think it’s right there when you click on “edit app” in the top menu bar?


this week I am going to submit my thesis.

(but like actually, I really am, it is being printed and the forms are just waiting for once more signature.
EDIT: ahahahahah, actually maybe not, the binding machine has broke XD, but definitely in the next 7 days.


Integrating IMU(Inertial Measurment Unit) with camera tracking using a kalman filter for online alignment and calibration of the two sensors


Finishing off the details for tracking a bright spot (a dung beetle with some IR tape on its back) in dim videos.


Trying to compete with high school students at picoCTF :slight_smile: I think I’m running out of time though…