Julia for Academic Researchers talk online

If anyone is interested, I did a talk at Vanderbilt recently on what Julia has to offer academic researchers. It’s pitched for the average academic (an R or Python user doing applied research), so I think has a slightly different frame than some talks pitched more at developers and CS folks.

If you’re interested you can find it here.


That’s really nice Nick, great job! I had to smile with the reference to poor Keno working his ass off at the back of a dark room to get the 1.0 optimiser finished :smiley:. Go Keno!

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Thanks @pablosanjose (and @keno !) Yeah, he’s really carrying quite the load isn’t he?

And thanks @ChrisRackauckas for the comments and two corrections – I pinned your comments so hopefully anyone watching will see them!

I can assure you the JuliaComputing office is always well lit and stocked with snacks and coffee :wink: .


Another comment: like python, julia uses call by sharing, not by reference

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Right, sorry – always get pass-by-reference and pass-by-reference-object (which is same as “call by sharing”, no?) confused…

@nickeubank Thanks for sharing this talk and these slides.

I am currently preparing my talk for Julia con, which is aimed at scientists.

Do you allow me to share your talk, in one of my slides, by showing your name and talk title?

My talk is a bit less focused on comparing languages, and more focused on how Julia is very useful. Your talk nicely complements mine. I am sure that there are many similar talks to yours on the web , so I hope other authors are not offended, but I found yours and the title is useful for me.

Thanks very kind of you – I’d be delighted to have the talk shared if you think it would be helpful for others! Youre also more than welcome to pirate slides / materials from my talk if you’d like. I put a CC license on it so the only thing you can’t do is sell it. :slight_smile:

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