Welcome Logan as our new community manager


Some of you may recollect that Alex was our first community manager, and is our current release manager, along with Kristoffer.

Since our community has grown tremendously in these last two years, and we have an increased focus on diversity and outreach, I am thrilled that Logan has stepped in to fill the role of community manager.

Please welcome Logan, and I’ll also request him to post all the things he is planning on working on.

Viral and Avik


Logan – welcome!! I am trying to promote Julia here at the UK Atomic Energy Authority! :heart_eyes:


Welcome, Logan! This is an amazing community :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome, Logan! It’s great to see all the work you have been doing for the Julia community. I look forward to meeting you at JuliaCon or the next time I’m in Boston.


Logan, welcome, and thanks for taking charge of this. We have something great on our hands here, and this community is arguably the key to it all. I don’t think I would feel so enthusiastic about the Julia language (sometimes against the interest of my actual line of work :-P) if it were not for the amazing people here, which has made open source development a revelation for me.

See you at JuliaCon, hopefully!


Welcome Logan! Looking forward to meeting you some day! Thanks for your contributions!


Hey all! Thanks so much for the kind works.

I am really grateful to be working for the Julia project through NumFocus in order to help continue to build a diverse and inclusive Julia community. @xorJane, @ararslan, and other folks have created an awesome foundation and I am excited to continue to work with Jane, Alex, and others in the community to make sure Julia continues to be a programming language and community for everyone. A few broad strokes programs that will be a focus of mine:

  • Revamping Julia Academy (this has already started) and increasing the breadth and depth of the content that is offered there.
  • Building out a number of student programs in order to engage and grow the student community of Julia Developers. This will entail a number of projects such as the soon to be announced Julia Student Developer Club, Julia StackOverflow Fellow Program, and more.
  • Finding strong partners outside of the current Julia Community to expand our impact and make technical computing more accessible than ever.

As I said, I am super excited to be helping with this. However, as a community, this is all of our responsibility to promote diversity and inclusion. If you have ideas on this topic or projects that you think will have an impact, please reach out to me via email at logan@julialang.org or post any suggestions in the #diversity channel on slack. I am looking forward to another amazing year for Julia in 2020.


@RogerP There are regular All England Julia Meetups in Cambridge.
I guess one should be set up for the Culham / Oxford area.
UKAEA, STFC RAL, Oxford universities (plural).


Welcome Logan! You’ve been a prominent face in the Julia community for a while now advocating for diversity and inclusion and doing great administrative work. I’m really happy to see that codified in the community management title. Thanks for being awesome!


Welcom Logan and wish you best at the new positon. :grinning:


Welcome and hope to see great things happen in the Julia community!


Hi and welcome Logan, good luck with your plans!

We know that Julia has potential and finding a strong partner outside the Julia community can only help the spread of Julia. I come from the R-corner, but I also spread the Julia message through my YouTube channel and also as a book in Germany.


Welcome, Logan!


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