More good news from Julia Computing - Sloan foundation grant with a focus on diversity


Julia Computing just received a grant from Sloan Foundation for $910k of which $160k is earmarked for diversity initiatives.

This is a huge shot in the arm for continuing and accelerating our open source contributions and the march towards 1.0 and beyond.

We are seeking a job applicant for Director of Diversity Initiatives. This is a full-time salaried position and we will advertise it widely over the next few days. The ideal candidate would have the following characteristics:

Familiarity with Julia

Strong scientific, mathematical or numeric programming skills required – e.g. Julia, Python, R
Eager to travel, organize and conduct Julia trainings, conferences, workshops and hackathons

Enthusiastic about outreach, developing and leveraging relationships with universities and STEM diversity organizations such as YesWeCode, Girls Who Code, Code Latino and Black Girls Code

Strong organizational, communication, public speaking and training skills required

Passionate evangelist for Julia, open source computing, scientific computing and increasing diversity in the Julia community and STEM

This position is based in Cambridge, MA

Interested applicants should send a resume and statement of interest to


I must note that the work done by Erica as the JuliaCon diversity chair has been fantastic, and we hope to take many of the learnings from there and magnify them. The videos will be up soon and her talk is a must watch!