Welcome Alex as our Julia community manager



We are really excited to have Alex Arslan join the Julia project as our full time community manager. Alex will be maintaining our community infrastructure and helping with various Julia related things. He has already been doing much of this, and we are glad to have his full attention. Please welcome him.

In addition, he will be working on revamping our website, and reviewing community assets with an eye towards improving and encouraging diversity in the project.

Those of you who’ve interacted with Alex, will already know that he is unfailingly friendly, welcoming and that he embodies the spirit of the project – as we aspire for it to be. He has already been acting as a de facto ambassador for the project in many ways, and this just makes it official.

(On behalf of the NumFocus FSA co-signees for the Julia project)


Thanks so much for the kind words, Viral. I’m thrilled to be able to serve the community in this role.



That is great!!


This is great news! Congrats Alex!


Excellent! Glad to hear it


Welcome Alex.


Welcome, Alex! Happy to be working with you.



Awesome! Glad to work with you! :clap:


Congrats Alex, Viral’s kind words are desserved!


Welcome Alex :slight_smile: