Weave and Unicode


I was testing for fun the Weave.jl package, and I noticed that I cannot make some Unicode symbols to appear. Here an exemple, I create the file test.jmd with the lines:

title : Test
date : today
# Section 1
```{julia;echo=true;fig_cap="A random walk."; label="random1"; out_width="9cm"; out_height="4cm"}
@show 1+1

Ī± = "šŸŒ“"

using Plots
scatter(rand(10), rand(10), markersize=10, size=(800,600))
`` (please include one extra '`' here for the code to be correct, and remove this comment)

here some symbols : šŸŒ“ (\:palm_tree:)

And my palm_tree does not show up:

Does Weave does not have full support for Unicode ? Or is Latex/Pandoc that is hidding my :palm_tree: ?

I think is a LaTeX issue.


here some symbols : šŸŒ“ (:palm_tree:)


with pdflatex

! Missing $ inserted.
<inserted text>      
l.4 here some symbols : ļ潚ŸŒ“ (:pal

you may use https://ctan.org/pkg/emoji (need TeX Live 2020)

Or convert those emoji to images.