Washington D.C. greater metro area meetups

This is for connecting the Julia community in the Washington D.C. greater metro area.

This is me,

Name: José Bayoán Santiago Calderón
GitHub: Nosferican
Slack: Nosferican
I live in Pentagon City (Arlington, VA) and I work in Rosslyn (Arlington, VA).
Would be down to organize a Julia meetups.



I live in Foggy Bottom in DC and work out in Tysons - I’d definitely be interested as well. I think I have some colleagues that would be too.

I’m trying to relocate to the area, would be fun to meetup once I’m there.

I work in College Park and live on the Green Line. Hope you see you again/meet you soon!

I have added the #dc-gma-local channel to the Julia slack workspace. I encourage y’all to join the channel.

The purpose of this group is to connect the Julia community in the Washington D.C. greater metro area as well as invite newcomers to join the community. We hope to promote the diversity in the Julia community especially of under-represented groups such as non-cis males and non-academics. Some of the planned activities include teaching Julia and coordinate projects for people to contribute. Depending on the expertise of the members some domain specific topics may be included such as data science and machine learning.


I’m actively interested in organizing in the Washington D.C. greater metro area, especially Northern Virginia. Ping me if interested


Ping! I’m in Baltimore, but I could swing Northern Virginia.

I’m interested also in Northern Virginia.