Warnings while running tests concerning pre-compilation

While running tests of my package with the release candidate 1 I got a bunch of these:

┌ Warning: __precompile__() is now the default
│   caller = __precompile__() at loading.jl:777
└ @ Base .\loading.jl:777

Is this something that will be eventually removed? Or is that up to me?

Delete the call to __precompile__ and the warning will go away. If you want to continue supporting both 0.6 and 0.7/1.0 without warnings, you can do something like

VERSION < v"0.7-" && __precompile__()

FemtoCleaner will automatically remove such a statement once your package declares that it only support Julia versions ≥ 0.7.

I don’t have any of these in my package. So I guess it is coming from a dependency?

Yes, probably. They will have to do what I described.

Specifically, VERSION < v"0.7.0-beta2.199"

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For those watching this thread: removing the __precompile__() statement (or making it conditional based on VERSION) is no longer necessary now that https://github.com/JuliaLang/julia/pull/28459 has been merged.

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