Warning: VSCode formatter shredders code!


I used Visual Studio Code 1.13.1 on Windows10 and
Julia v0.6 to shredder my code.

And this is how you do it: Right click, format document.


function f(len::Int)
    R = Array{Int}(len)
    a = c+d
R end


function f(len::Int)
    R = Array{Int}(len)
    a = c + d


Thanks for reporting that, I can replicate it. We’ll try to get a bugfix release out ASAP.

Issue on github tracking this: https://github.com/JuliaEditorSupport/LanguageServer.jl/issues/106


We have a release candidate that fixes this here:

It would be great if some folks want to try that and report back. If we don’t hear negative feedback, we’ll probably publish this later tonight to the marketplace.


We just pushed v0.6.2 of the extension to the marketplace and this issue should be fixed in the update.