VScode with custom DEPOT_PATH

I’m trying to get Julia to work in VScode with a custom DEPOT_PATH, I know for general execution you could use

JULIA_DEPOT_PATH=\path\to\dir julia

and it would work. How do I accomplish the same for working with VScode?

bumping this since I have the same issue.

for some reason, vscode prefers to create a new folder in ~/.julia instead of using the existing one at DEPOT_PATH.

Does anyone know how to circumvent this? I know that it can work in principle since I do not have this issue on a different machine, but I do not understand the problem.

It looks like vscode does not use ~/.bashrc …

It’s been a while but in case anyone wonders, in my case the problem is solved by starting up vscode from the shell (so that it knows the environment variables)

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