Dear all,
I need to change the folder .julia to another, after instalation (JuliaPro). The DEPOT_PATH is given by:

3-element Array{String,1}:

I need to move the folder .julia to C:\Users\Angelo.
Certain packages does not work because the name’s folder is Usuário.
Please, provide the correct and exctly command to me. I am a new user.
Many thanks.

You can change the path by setting the JULIA_DEPOT_PATH environment variable.

I don’t know to do this. Could you write to me the code, please?

Since you seem to want to make this change permanent, I recommend setting it globally:

Oh, nothing in the REPL?
Before to install it I change this path in windows?

Yes, JULIA_DEPOT_PATH needs to be set before starting Julia, you don’t need to reinstall it.

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I have changed all environment variables on windows and Julia remmains to install the folder /.julia on folder Usuários.
How can I fix this?

3-element Array{String,1}:

I have done the pah to C:\\JuliaNovo but .julia remmains on the wrong local.

(en) You need to set the environment variable JULIA_DEPOT_PATH to the path you want.
(pt) Você precisa configurar a variável de ambiente JULIA_DEPOT_PATH para coincidir com a pasta que você quer. Para fazer isso, dá uma olhada em

(en) Then you create the path and it should work. I don’t have access to a windows machine right now but tonight I can try it out
(pt) Aí você cria a pasta e tudo deveria funcionar. Neste momento não tenho acesso a uma máquina windows mas esta noite eu testo

I hope this helps.

Thank you so much. You are very patient.