VScode Jupyter Extension vs. IJulia browser

How does the Jupyter-Notebook extension compare to installing Jupyter with Conda and using IJulia?

My preference is to do everything in VSCode, but am wondering if there are any drawbacks (e.g., speed).



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Pure-VS Code notebooks are less feature complete than IJulia notebooks (e.g. you can’t use readline/stdin), but should always out of the box. So I’d recommend using them until you run into a missing feature or bug (please open issues so we can get to feature parity).

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Last time I checked one couldn’t adjust the font size of the markdown used in VSCode’s notebooks. That was pretty anoying. Otherwise they worked fine for me.

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Thanks! This is helpful.

So besides specific package issues, and the issues with the font, there are no major differences that one should expect to experience with regards to performance?

Not that I know of. Just give it a try! :slight_smile:

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