Running Julia (Jupyter) Notebooks inside VSCode

Rather than a question, this is a simple trick I found myself that might be useful for the whole community. I couldn’t find this information anywhere posted, hence sharing it here.

It is actually possible to run a jupyter notebook inside vscode. With the Python language vscode extension, you will be able to create new Jupyter notebooks inside vscode. Once a new notebook is created you can go and change the kernel to Julia. Now in the left bottom of your vscode window, you will see option to change the Interpreter. Click on it and point it to your julia.exe file.
You are good to go!

If you know better workarounds, please share it here.
PS: I really wish I could run Pluto notebooks inside vscode :cowboy_hat_face:


Cool. Do you have syntax highlighting of your julia code in Jupyter cells?

Syntax highlighting “out of the box” will require but the workaround is that you can manually copy the files.

The other thing is that “variable explorer” which looks like it will need a setting. If you havea chance to try out and report back on it, I am sure microsoft would be grateful.


After selecting ~/.julia/conda/3/bin/python as the interpreter, I get a message popup saying “Python 3.7.7 64-bit (‘3’: conda) requires ipykernel to be installed.”

I haven’t tried doing it with the julia installed kernel. Did you try out jupyter notebooks with that conda installation without vscode? For example, does would fine?

If you do the notebook() call once, I bleieve that IJulia should install most or all of the dependencies?

Yes. I have been using Jupyter notebooks.

I found a solution to my issue:

using Pkg

using Conda

Thanks anyway.

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They announced the new Jupyter extension for VSCode with support for Julia and R.


This didn’t work out of the box for me. For some reason my Julia kernelspec became corrupted (either through IJulia installation process or through VS Code extension updates). So as an additional step I had to ensure that the Julia kernel which Jupyter lists (and which VS Code will access) was set to the right Julia executable. You can do this by running jupyter kernelspec list, navigating to the directory of the Julia kernel you plan on using and editing the path in the kernel.json file. This path should be the same as the Julia path you may have provided in your VS Code user settings for the Julia extension.

My problem is that the syntax highlighting does not work.

  • VS code 1.52.1 (latest at the time of writing)
  • Julia 1.5.0
  • IJulia v1.23.1
  • Windows 10

Does anyone know how to fix this?