VS code - use Conda.jl's python in native integrated Jupyter Notebook support?

Is there a way to use the local Julia’s miniconda installation of python within the native integrated Jupyter Notebook support offered in VS code by julia-vscode?

IJulia kernels should show up in VSCode if you have the Jupyter extension installed, but you are then not using the native Julia extension support for ipynbs. They have different pros and cons (and different bugs/missing features) so you could try both to see what you prefer.

Thank you. I am a complete novice, so let me try to describe the conditions as well as I can, or as bad as I did in the previous post :slight_smile:

What I have installed:

  1. Julia, IJulia
    These allow me to run a Jupyter notebook in the browser, and use either Julia or Python (not the system one, the one in the miniconda within Julia) as kernels

  2. VSCode with julia-vscode, but without the Jupiter extension
    With these I can open a Jupyter notebook in VSCode, but Julia is the only option for the language

Is there any way to use Python in the VSCode Jupyter notebook (point 2), without installing the VSCode Jupyter extension?

Ah sorry you want to use python rather than Julia? In that case I have no idea, you might be better off asking in a python forum. I know that VSCode has generic notebook support (without the jupyter extension), but I don’t know what if anything needs to be installed to use that with python. I assume whatever it is though will have a setting to provide the python executable path, so setting that to Julia’s miniconda should work.

Thank you! I somehow thought that the notebook support was coming from julia-vscode, hence the post here, but I didn’t realize that there was a generic notebook support in VSCode (that julia-vscode is perhaps relying on). I’ll ask in a python forum.