VSCode Julia doc (hoover & doc view) - reference previous julia version (bug ?)

I’ve just noticed something strange with the Julia ext. for VSCode, Windows 10, julia 1.6.1. When the extension display Julia documentation (either in hoover or in doc view panel), all references to source code of the julia distribution point to version 1.6.1-rc1.

  • On this host, I had installed quite a lot of julia version, starting near 1.4
  • The previous version installed was indeed 1.6.1-rc1
  • The current version installed is 1.6.1
  • The version 1.6.1-rc1 is fully uninstalled (all paths which contains -rc1 are invalids)
  • I do not use custom sysimage, the VsCode settings are basic and points to 1.6.1
  • The integrated REPL do run 1.6.1 and everything else seems fine
  • See the image below for the mismatch between VsCode (julia ext.) and the REPL (in vscode)

Note: since the problem is between vy=1.6.1 and vx=1.6.1-rc1 I cannot simply check that the extension cannot find an existing doc entry in vy because it does not exist in vx (AFAIK).

And since nothing in rc1 exists anymore on the host, I cannot follow links to any source code in the julia distribution…

Question : where is the doc cached ? How can it possible index a doc that does not exist ?

The mystery deepens…
I’ve set "julia.symbolCacheDownload": true (and re-started VsCode)… No change (kind of expected).

But it seems the links in the doc for Julia Base is correct, the problem seems to be only with the links to StdLib code.

A search for map in the doc pane gives the correct source path for Base.map (1.6.1) but not for LibGit2 map (1.6.1-rc1, see screenshot below). This at least explains why I did not notice the issue sooner…