Languageserver referencing old/non-existing version

When I hover over a function in VSCode, shown code locations also include old, already removed versions of Julia.
So instead of actual Julia-1.7.0 it refers to Julia-1.7.0-rc1.

A grep over.julia shows some hits, e.g. in

I uninstalled/reinstalled the Julia extension, run a Pkg.update, no change.

Is there a way to clean up, start fresh?

  • Update:
    Deleted .julia in explorer, restart, update => no change.
    ] rm --all => references OK! now reinstalling packages…
    Is there a more convenient way?

Did you try changing the Julia-VSCode settings?

The only setting I touched is the path to the Julia executable, pointing to the only version installed.
Nothing set in PATH.

It might be useful to retrieve the settings.json for the Julia-VSCode extension.

Thx for the follow-up. I completely reinstalled the codes.
Next time…