VSCode Julia 1.7.1 MacOS (Rosetta) : cpu load 120%


I work on a small Julia project with the VSCode IDE.
Everything works fine but I just noticed that the cpu temp increases and the perf monitor indicates 120% cpu load while no computation is running nor indexation task : only the REPL in vscode…

Is it normal ?

Thank you for your help.

OK, problem solved : I had a 2D GLMakie graph windows open… hungry stuff indeed :wink:
Sorry for the noise

This happens to me when I get stuck in a loop. Sometimes I don’t notice and can end up with multiple instances stuck in loops that go on even after a REPL restart (I get that with the latex engine too: when I hear the fan go mad, I check the activity monitor and kill the processes). Another thing that happens, more rarely, is that some indexation process goes wild, but that usually ends after a few minutes.

Thanks @ptoche,

the Makie windows was the voracious process in this case. I don’t know the frequency of the openGL event loop in this case but it does consume a lot of energy ! The problem is that the Makie windows remains open silently behind the VScode windows and it is easy to forget to close it.
I should stick to CairoMakie when interactivity is not useful.

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