High CPU Usage on Startup - VSCode OSX


I was forced to switch over from Atom to VSCode and noticed some strange behavior when starting VSCode. Whenever I start up VSCode a Julia process is created that uses 100% CPU usage even before Julia/REPL is started. I’ve seen else where that this is possibly due to the Julia Extension compiling my packages in the background but when I close VSCode this process is still running. If I reopen the program, another process is created in addition to the previous one requiring 100% CPU usage. It seems the only way to stop these is by preforming a restart of my computer.

Is there a way to prevent this from occurring? Is it possible to configure VSCode be similar to Atom such that Julia processes are only created when I run start Julia/REPL and can be killed by running exit()?

I am currently running Julia 1.3.0 and VSCode 1.41.1 on OSX 10.15.2.

Just give vscode the time to index your packages. Let it run over night. Its a kind-of-bug with a simple work around.


Hm, what is really wrong, though, is that this process hangs around when you close VS Code, that should definitely kill it. Could you open an issue?

I should also add that @ZacLN and I are currently working on fixing this whole load time mess. We’re making progress :slight_smile: It is our number 1 priority right now.

Of course, though where is the best place to open an issue for this? I am happy that you guys are working on this!

Since this is indexing my packages, this should only occur after I add new packages rather than every time the program is reopened?

Best place to report bugs is at https://github.com/julia-vscode/julia-vscode.

Yes, this should be a one-time problem until the index is created.

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I actually have the same issue, since last week. I have to kill the julia process manually every time, and the CPU load is almost 100%. Since I have used VSCode julia for more than 1 year, and I have not updated Julia or Julia packages recently, I do not expect the re-indexing to take so long?

I am currently running Julia 1.3.0 and VSCode 1.42.1 on OSX 10.15.3, and VSCode-Julia 0.14.13.

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Same problem for me with julia 1.4, makes VSCode unusable, I did let it run for hours, it just never stops.

Same here.

In addition, I face the problem that sometimes, out of the blue, Ctrl+Enter executes the code in a new REPL. I have no idea what’s causing this and can therefore not reproduce it. I feel that it’s kind of unhelpful to report an issue without a MWE…