VScode IntelliSense very frustrating

I am long time Juno user. I keep coming back to VScode as that is supposedly where things are going. Everytime I come back the intellisense never works. Half the time when you import namspaces with the using statement the methods will not auto populate. I want use VScode but auto completion is such basic feature these days if doesn’t work I am just not going to use it. This concerns me because I know at some point Juno will stop existing. Does anyone else have these problems or is there something I am missing?

There are definitely things I’m missing with VSCode autocomplete (although @pfitzseb might hit me over the head if I bring up autocompletion of DataFrame columns names again…), but could you give a more specific example of what isn’t working?

I understand your post to be talking about autocompletion of methods defined in a package like this:


Here combine and completecases are defined in DataFrames. Is this what isn’t working for you? You say “half the time”, so maybe there’s something special about the cases where it isn’t working?

The most important thing for getting intellisense for packages is that the environment selected in the lower left of the status bar is correct (in the sense that it contains whatever packages you’re trying to load).

Thank you both for your reply.

I see now at the bottom of VScode were the environment is. Once I chose this, I saw it that it indexed the namespaces. When I used Juno I used a small script to automate the environment start up and Juno automatically detected the environment. I didn’t realize VScode was not, since in terminal the environment was displayed correctly. For now this seems to a vast improvement to my experience. Sorry I guess I just looked over a small thing.

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Yeah, the main issue is that there are two separate “environments” in VS Code. Glad things are working for you now.

Something that doesn’t work quite well for me is path completion, e.g. if I start typing CSV.read("tem it correctly gives me CSV.read("templates but then I type / and it gives me nothing, only when I close the " it lists the files in the directory and wrongly insert them after the quote.

Hm, that works fine for me. Are you on Windows? Anyways, please open issues for things like that.

On mac, I realised I wasn’t even in the right directory, but it still correctly list the files there somehow (I guess because they are in my VS workspace). It doesn’t work much better with the right folder though.

The completions for include etc should always be relative to the file path, not anything related to the Julia runtime state.

I noticed that the intellisense works in src/ with my defined module. Unfortunately, in the test folder the intellesense does not work. This makes it cumbersome write test when none of the module your are writing autocomplete. Is there any workaround or solution to this?