Intellisense not working for dev'd package

I have some issues with my custom package exported functions and types not being available with intellisense when writing a script which uses that package.

I have separated my code into two separate environments, one is the package which contains most of the code, and one is a sort of scripts environment, which I use to write the code to dev the package. The approximate tree is:

├── Project.toml
├── scripts
│   ├── main.jl
│   └── Project.toml
└── src
    └── Package.jl

Inside the scripts/Project.toml environment, I have added the main package as a dependency and then “dev”'d that package. If in scripts/main.jl I use the package:

using Package

my_obj = CustomStruct()

(Assuming CustomStruct is exported in src/Package.jl)
The code can be run in the REPL, and I can access all exported tokens there with the tab complete and there are no errors.

The issue is that when writing in scripts/main.jl, despite having set my visual studio code environment to scripts/Project.toml, I have no intellisense at all for the Package package, and it does not show the custom exported types or functions.

Is there any thing I can do to fix this, or do I have to adopt a different workflow?

I have been experimenting with this workflow, and I have switched to using a VS code workspace, instead of just opening a single folder. I have opened the scripts subfolder as a separate folder inside the same workspace and it seems to work now, but does not reindex the package when updates are made (like new functions etc).

Is there a way to have the language server update when the dev’d package changes?