VSCode Intellisense doesn't take files into account that are in the same directory as the open file

There’s gotta be a way to fix this, right?


To explain, I’m looking at my file TransInt.jl, and you can see the file structure on the left of the image. All of the files are currently in the root of the project. TransInt.jl is in the same directory as Error.jl and Lexer.jl, but even after adding the push!(LOAD_PATH, pwd()) line, it doesn’t seem to find those files. The Julia Environment is set to v1.3. To be clear, when I run the code using the Code Runner plugin for VSCode, it works just fine. I’m just not sure why the Intellisense doesn’t work as well. I’m extremely new to Julia, and no, this doesn’t technically break my ability to work, but it’s annoying, and I feel like I’m missing out on the power of Intellisense because of it.

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The Julia extension in general will not pick up any modification you make to LOAD_PATH. You probably want to do something like

using .Error
using .Lexer

here, I think it should pick things up in that case.