VSCode -- insert local image in Jupyter Markdown?

I’m trying to insert images in markdown sections of a Jupyter notebook in the VSCode editor. This used to work when I opened the file in a browser. Here is my statement:

<img src="../figs/WaveNet-1.png" width=400px height=400px>

I found a comment on the internet that referred specifically to VSCode and inserting images in markdown, which stated that this was a problem in the past, but had now been fixed. The claim is from 2020…

Anyone knows the status/what I do wrong?

I think, the closure tag is missing:

<img src="../figs/WaveNet-1.png" width=400px height=400px />

It used to work in the past (ik.e., with IJulia) with simply > as closure.

But I tried to insert /> as closure. Didn’t help, so that is not the problem.