Jupyter markdown images not showing

I have tried to follow all the possible ways of inserting images into Markdown cell in Jupyter Notebooks, but I can’t get anything to render. The documentation I have found was for Markdown in Python Notebooks, so maybe that is the reason?

The following don’t work

< img src="myimage.png"/>

or drag/drop
where myimage is in the current working directory.
I have tried this on the latest JupyterLab and VSCode (even with all the image extensions added in!)

Am I missing something? Or is my Mac OS (Mojave) too old?

Thanks for any insights

Could you also try: ![](./myimage.png) ? I don’t think it would be due to the OS being too old here.

Thanks. Tried that - just get a blank Image Icon.
Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 15.38.46

How bizarre! Would you be able to share a screenshot of exactly how you are including this markdown link within your notebook? Also, is the notebook within the same directory as the image you are trying to link? A worst case scenario you can also test is: ![](/direct/path/to/your/image.png) as I am curious if somehow there is a pathing issue.

I tried that, and when I execute Markdown I just get white space (see screenshots)
Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 16.09.00

Thanks for any ideas!

Works here.

Cool suggestion and provided some clues:

ParseError: KaTeX parse error: No such environment: figure at position 7: \begin{̲f̲i̲g̲u̲r̲e̲}̲ \centering \in…

Someone above mentioned environments… seems there might be something to that.
PS I’m using VSCode
PPS Tried in JupyterLab and got a null Image