Vscode fails with "Starting the Julia Language Server"


I’m using Julia 1.6.2 on ubuntu 20.04.3 with vscode 1.61.1. I have a problem with starting Julia in vscode. Every time I try to run Julia, I get these errors in vscode (attached as screenshot). Also, it takes several minutes (and sometimes forever) to run a block in my code (using alt + Enter). All in all I cannot run my codes in Julia properly.

That’s what I tried:
*Check if the executable directory is defined in vs code which is available.

*Add “LanguageServer” package.

This is the messages I get every time I run julia in my vscode:

The message signal (6): Aborted keeps showing up as long as I use julia which leads to allcocate almost 6gb of the ram for only julia without running anything heavy in computation.

I don’t even know why there should be a “julialang.language-julia-1.4.3” folder while I have julia version 1.6.2.

I would appreciate if someone can help me with this.