VSCode - Displaying custom structs

Hi there!

I normally use Atom, but come back to VSCode from time to time to check out the progress of the VSCode team - Thank you for your time and work!

I was wondering if there is a method to display a custom struct similar to Atom? I often work with structs where fields are arrays of tuples etc., and it is much easier for me to prototype this kind of stuff in Atom. I tried to google this question, but did not come up with a solution. MWE:

struct MyCustomStruct1{A, B, C}
a :: A
b :: B
c :: C

mcs = MyCustomStruct1( rand(1000), [ (rand(), rand() ) for _ in 1:1000 ], randn(1000, 100) )

The Julia-Workspace view is quite good already, but becomes really difficult to read for more contrieved custom (or structs with structs as fields, etc.) structs.

The Atom view in comparison:

Best regards

Edit: I did find the REPLTreeViews.jl package, but it took very long to show any results.


There’s no easy way for us to implement something like Juno’s display system in VSCode, unfortunately. That said, REPLTreeViews seems like it could be a good alternative for you; afaict display is basically instant for your example after the initial compilation overhead.