Tabular data visualisation in VS Code

Hello, which are the options to work/visualise tabular data in VS Code ?
In Atom I was using TableView.jl, but it doesn’t seem to work in VS Code.

I saw that VS Code has a “native” way to display tabular data (vscodedisplay(x) or using icon in Variable Panel) but it doesn’t seems to support Array{Any,2} (e.g. b = [[1,2,3] ['a','b','c']]) while TableView does.

Any workaround for displaying tables of Any?

Also, I believe it is in the roadmap, but if not… would it be possible to simplify the Variable Inspector (e.g. hide the “Cartesian Index” label) ? The variable explorer is a bit too bloated now :slight_smile:

Thank you for their development…

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Hm, on my system it displays b = [[1,2,3] ['a','b','c']] just fine with vscodedisplay or by clicking on the icon in the workspace view…

Agreed! I don’t think we have an issue (but not 100% positive), do you want to open a new one?

Here it is:

The issue in displaying matrices of Any happens only together with using TableView, so it’s not really a problem.