VSCODE debugger seems stopped at first USING statement

The debugging session ends here immediately after the start

after pressing F5 the indication paused on exception appears

this is the code involved if someone would give a try.

using Dates
using DataFrames

full_inds = today()-Day(23):Day(1):today();
df_full = DataFrame(ind = full_inds);
ind = today()+Day(-23):Day(3):today();
vals = rand(length(ind));
df = DataFrame("ind" => ind, "vals" => vals);
dff = DataFrame(ind = full_inds, vals=0.);

for i in 1:length(dff.ind)
    global j
    if df.ind[j]==dff.ind[i]
        if j<length(df.ind)

I’m not really interested in how the script works (the goal of the script is the one discussed here )

I just wanted to try using the debugger under vscode

I’m not sure how things are going, but I seem to have understood that the debugger activated a different environment than the one I was working in and in which I had added the Dates and DataFrames packages and therefore could not find them.
After adding with Pkg.add (“Dates”) and similarly for DataFrames in the new environment it seems to work fine

Running into this problem with using CUDA. Did you just add

using Pkg
using PackageName

followed by the rest of your code?