Error only while using debugger in VSCode

Hello - I’m unable to use the debugger in VSCode while using the KernelAbstractions.jl library. I have shared details along with a minimal reproducer here:

essentially - I’m able to run the script fine in VS Code, but I only get the errors shown in the screenshots in the issues when I set breakpoints and step through the code

I’d greatly appreciate any help - thank you!

You could try using Debugger.jl instead, I believe it’s separate from the VsCode debugger so it might work.

thank you for replying - I looked at Debugger.jl and will def try that - I’m used to the VSCode debugger and would like to inspect the code and values of variables as I step through the code of a library without modifying it - I’ll look into some more

I’d be super grateful if someone could try out the reproducer - I think quite a few folks would find the VSCode debugger helpful

thank you again!