VSCode and Jupyter notebook?

I’m on Windows 11 (latest update, 64bit), Julia v1.6.3 (just updated everything), and have updated VS Code with extensions.

I have imported a Jupyter notebook into VS Code, and try to run it (for some reason, this crashes when running it in the browser – it worked on Sunday).

I clik on the Run All button, and my notebook runs up until cell 7:

I don’t know where the plot is supposed to show up, but I don’t see a plot…

Then, in cell 8, things stop:

… with an error message:

Error: Session cannot generate requests
at w.executeCodeCell (c:\Users\User_name\.vscode\extensions\ms-toolsai.jupyter-2021.9.1101343141\out\client\extension.js:52:301180)
at w.execute (c:\Users\User_name\.vscode\extensions\ms-toolsai.jupyter-2021.9.1101343141\out\client\extension.js:52:300551)
at w.start (c:\Users\User_name\.vscode\extensions\ms-toolsai.jupyter-2021.9.1101343141\out\client\extension.js:52:296215)
at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:93:5)
at async t.CellExecutionQueue.executeQueuedCells (c:\Users\User_name\.vscode\extensions\ms-toolsai.jupyter-2021.9.1101343141\out\client\extension.js:52:310950)
at async t.CellExecutionQueue.start (c:\Users\User_name\.vscode\extensions\ms-toolsai.jupyter-2021.9.1101343141\out\client\extension.js:52:310490)

Anyone knows what is wrong with my set-up?