VS Code + stackoverflowerror

Is anyone else getting the following error? I’m running Windows and I get the error for both 1.7 and 1.6.4 when running the following in VS Code (but not when it is run directly in the REPL)

function test()

    a = randn(241,241)
    b = randn(241)
    c = a\b
    return c



Running the above, I get greeted with “ERROR: LoadError: StackOverflowError:”

This looks like

Yes. For me, Daviehh’s example runs without error when executed in the Julia REPL, but errors when run through VS Code.

At least two issues have been filed on this problem. The Julia developers understand it and are working on it. If you’re using an Intel machine then using the MKL blas will fix this problem.


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