VS Code: No implementation found in developed package

I work with code which references functions defined in a package developed side-by-side
with the current environment/file. The implementation of the function view_modes is
reported as not found, however. This function is defined in BioImageVib, which as
the status show is deved.

I wonder if anyone else is seeing this?

On Windows 10, with Julia 1.7.2, the newest VS Code (1.64.2). Julia extension 1.5.11.

Check the “Julia env” status bar item and set it to your active environment, if it’s not already,

It is correctly set to my current environment (BoneShaker). This environment uses BioImageVib
as a package.

BoneShaker in fact has no source of its own beyond exports of functions defined elsewhere.

module BoneShaker


using BioImageVib: simulation_name, update_simulation, load_simulation, find_or_compute_mesh
export simulation_name, update_simulation, load_simulation, find_or_compute_mesh

using BioImageVib: extract_frf, plot_frf, clear_terminal
export extract_frf, plot_frf, clear_terminal

using BioImageVib: view_mesh, view_image, view_modes, view_shape, view_points, image_to_mesh
export view_mesh, view_image, view_modes, view_shape, view_points, image_to_mesh

end # module

Sebastian: would you expect this to work?

Might be a variation of LanguageServer does not index active project/package (julia-vscode/LanguageServer.jl#988) ?

Looks like it might be: when I add the package instead of deving it, I get the symbol look up to work.