VScode can't find reference in dev folder

I have a package in my dev folder that I am developing locally. Typing in using pkgname in Julia REPL works well. However, in VSCode it can’t seem to find the reference (in my context I am writing unit tests for my package). See attached picture.

Is there a setting I need to turn on for this to work?

Image for reference

did you added your package to your julia enviroment with?

pkg>dev "path_to_your_package" 

If you did, your package should be seen here

Yes… it shows up in the st but VS code can’t find it…

What is the active julia environment in VS Code? It should show in the status bar of VS Code.

It is my current package and not the 1.2 environment. I am also using the vs ssh remote extension.

Hm, ok, maybe worth opening an issue… I’ve not used the remote extension much, so not sure all things work in that context.