VS Code constant pain point

I like a lot of things about Julia in VS Code, but one thing where it constantly falls short is
lookup of symbols defined in user packages. Standard-library code is fine
but the user code is always a problem
As the status shows, the meshboundary function defined in FinEtools
should be available, but isn’t.

  • Is this actually working for anyone at this point? I mean the lookup of symbols in user packages?
  • I recently discovered that this was not possible for packages that were developed. But my understanding was that this should work for packages which are added to the project. Am I wrong?
  • Is there some way in which I can check the list of symbols that are currently available?

Latest everything: editor, extension, Julia. On Windows.


Update: I have previously tried, repeatedly, to shutdown Julia REPL. That did not help.
But then I shut down the editor and restarted, and voila, the symbols are back.
So something died and needed restarting. Any idea what that might have been?

You have to check that the correct environment is selected in the toolbar at the bottom. To me it often happens that this for some reason differs from the currently activated env. It should usually be set to the env in the current working directory when starting up, that could be why a restart helped.


Isn’t this just another instance of LanguageServer does not index active project/package (julia-vscode/LanguageServer.jl#988) ? Xref your post from some days ago.

Thats at least the only problem I have seen myself using LS from vim.

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No, I don’t think so. Here, the symbols were not visible in added packages. Previously, I could not get it to work with deved packages, but adding the package fixed the problem.

No, the environment was correct.