VS Code Julia:Execute File workflow

I have this test file:

using .Simc
push!(Base.DL_LOAD_PATH, pwd())

function f()


The library I’m loading is defective, but when I run the whole file with Julia:Execute File I’m only getting a blank line response in REPL. When I execute just f(), I get proper error message:

julia> f()
ERROR: could not load library "libsimc.so"

What is the proper workflow or test file structure in order to get all error messages when using Julia:Execute File?


Instead of convoluted example above, this simple file behaves the same way:

function f()
  error("some error")


producing a blank line when run with Julia:Execute File. When I run it (err.jl) with REPL:

julia> include("err.jl")
ERROR: some error

it behaves as expected. Is there a reason for Julia:Execute File to behave differently than include()?

Could you open an issue? This sounds like a bug. You could just link to this post for the details.

Done: https://github.com/julia-vscode/julia-vscode/issues/1414

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