Disable vscode blue wave warning "The included file can not be found."

Hi Guys,

i have in a julia scripts main.jl the code line
@everywhere include(“test/test_functions.jl”)

and i ran it in REPL or terminal, it’s no problem (this project must be ran in the project folder not in the test folder). But in the vscode editor there is always a blue wave warning under this line and if i move my cursor to it, it shows me “The included file can not be found.”
How can i disable this useless warning?

The file structure of my project is like:

include is always relative to the file location, except for the REPL, where pwd() is used as the file location:

❯ tree                
└── test
    ├── main.jl
    └── test.jl

1 directory, 2 files

❯ cat test/main.jl
using Distributed
@everywhere include("test/test.jl")

❯ cat test/test.jl

❯ j1 -p 2 test/main.jl
ERROR: LoadError: On worker 2:
SystemError: opening file "/tmp/proj/test/test/test.jl": No such file or directory

/tmp/proj took 10s 
❯ cat test/main.jl    
using Distributed
@everywhere include("test.jl")

❯ j1 -p 2 test/main.jl
      From worker 2:    included
      From worker 3:    included

so the warning is correct.

Thanks for your answer!

I must run test/main.jl in the project folder:
danting/project$ julia -p 3 test/main.jl
as the warning requested i have changed test/main.jl to have the following codes:
using Distributed
@everywhere include(“test_functions.jl”)

But I get the error:
ERROR: LoadError: On worker 2:
could not open file /tmp/project/test_functions.jl

You have also ran the main.jl in project folder, but i dont’t get it why you didnt have the error, but i do.