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Hello everybody, is a cloud coding environment for a multitude of programming languages, with a community of engineers, teachers, and students. It aids teachers by allowing them to create courses, that can be shared with students, and also provides REPLs for all this languages. is looking for new languages to support and it would be awesome if Julia gets to have more priority, this can happen if we vote and comment on why we like about Julia.

If you are interested, you can vote and comment at at the link below:

Currently Julia is winning in terms of votes, but if some of you could also comment about why you like Julia, that would be awesome! is a fantastic site and I have used it in the past to deliver Python courses with great success. :slight_smile:

Cheers and thanks in advance!


This would be a huge benefit to the community, particularly it’s possible to use some subset of commonly-used packages!


How does that compare to with Jupyter notebooks? I use notebooks for all of my course notes.


REPLs are not as powerful as Jupyter notebooks, but are quicker to set up. loads immediately, unlike JuliaBox. I think having support would be very nice for quick demos; perhaps less so for courses.



How does that compare to with Jupyter notebooks? I use notebooks for all of my course notes.

  • Create assignments and publish to students (work with whole student groups).
  • Submit solutions and get feedback (very useful with lots of students).
  • Progress tracking and auto-grading (this and the bullet points above are common features of MOOCs like EDx, but not of notebooks).
  • Share executable snippets, think executable gists (no versioning though):
  • Some languages feature all packages:

    Require any npm package
    Last year we introduced support for importing any Python package from PyPi and – although we don’t have perfect support for all packages – it turned out to be a very popular feature. That’s why today we’re excited to continue the roll-out for the rest of our platform starting with web-based languages.

I’d like to see more options for Julia cloud computing, there are many online IDEs nowadays!


Thank you everyone for your votes! :smiley:

Julia currently has 50 votes, second is Nim with 29 (does it even have a working REPL?), then Scala with 22.