Tools in Julia for development and production -- Notebooks and Pluto

I have experience in C. When I learned Python, I learned that Python is way easier to learn using IPython and for production work good tools exist like Jupyter Notebook (now Jupyter Lab) and virtual environments (venv e.g.).

What kind of tools are used in Julia to do similar stuff. So far I am using only REPL but is there something more feature-rich or that helps with putting Julia code into production? Any consensus in the community on this? I came across Pluto and Playground but could not find them in the official docs. What you guys suggest?

Ju in Jupyter comes from Julia, so you can always use that if you’re familiar with it. You can also enhance your REPL experience with OhMyREPL.jl and Term.jl. Usually if I’m developing a package I use Revise.jl from REPL and a text editor (nvim) and that’s it.

For user/application stuff I use Jupyter but you already know how Jupyter works


Similar to @jling , I use a pretty bare bones set-up as described here: Development Workflow for Persistent Julia Sessions

Happy to see you using Julia! :smile:

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Personally I mostly use Julia for VSCode, which is a very feature-rich extension to an already feature-rich IDE. Do also check the workflow tips of the Julia docs.
Note that Pluto and co are not official packages from core Julia, which is why they are not part of the docs. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them though!