Volume 2: warning accessibility bus and segmentation fault on Travis

So this is in reference to

I thought that the lack of ffmpeg on Travis caused the warnings and segmentation fault reported on in that post, but I was wrong. Here’s the log of my most recent tests. I’m convinced that it has something to do with the fact that I’m saving a gif file and testing for its existence. I’m using Plots.jl with GR backend.

I tried a minimal test:

using Base.Test, Plots
anim = @animate for i=1:2
name = tempname()*".gif"
gif(anim, name)
@test isfile(name)

and it worked. So not sure why my real tests should fail so miserably.

Opening the third topic about essentially the same question makes this issue very difficult to follow. Nevertheless, I would bisect the issue by commenting out certain parts of the tests, starting with saving gifs.

Yea, I wasn’t sure how best I should post about this. I noticed that having a long self-replies post doesn’t get much attention. And since it wasn’t ffmpeg then it made sense to separate it this way. So do you think it would have been better with just the one (multiple self-replied) post?

I’m sure that commenting out the plotting section will resolve the problem. I’ll try it just to be sure though. brb

It would make it easier for people who want to help you to look up the source and the error messages directly.

If that helps, then you could try to isolate the problem within that function.

Oh lord. In an attempt to follow your advice I replied to this in the former post, thinking and believing I could just erase this one (since there isn’t that much new information here). But I can’t remove this post… So now the confusion is even larger (evil laughter). Right, feel free to ignore this post, and reply in the other one (i.e. here). Thanks and sorry for the mess.