Visual Studio Code -- too much in REPL

I’ve just switched from using Atom to Visual Studio Code. My only complaint with it is that I see so much output in the REPL window.

function f(x, y, z) 
  a = rand(Float64, (x, y, z))
  @warn "You should know about this"
  return a

f(100, 100, 100)

In Atom I just see the message. In Visual Studio, the matrix appears and I don’t see the message.

Can I change it so I don’t see so much output?

Many thanks

Does f(100,100,100); work for you?

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It does, thank you.

I was hoping there would simply be a setting I hadn’t found, but this will let me see what I want

Maybe there is a setting, but the semicolon was just a quick hack I could think about.
Adding nothing to the end of the file might also work.

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Not sure I understand what you’re after, but have you tried different result type settings?



I think the problem is that a big matrix is not truncated in the repl, if I understand correctly.

Thank you so much - that’s what I wanted