Video uploads

We can’t upload videos here, which would often be useful for Makie questions. Not sure if the policy is because of file sizes or spam or else, but at least this Can you upload video(s) in posts? - #2 by Johani - support - Discourse Meta suggests that we could enable it, so it doesn’t seem to be technical. Maybe it could be considered.


We have that same default here — we’ve never changed it.


I’ve honestly not tried videos but I have converted videos to gif to post here. I’m guessing you’re trying to use an mp4 or some such? I don’t know what the player/viewer looks like (if it exists at all)… and what format support looks like across browsers.

Html5 has native video playback capability so I assume it just uses that, with complete cross platform support. I think mp4 would be a good thing to start with as that’s the defacto default.

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I would also suggest adding .webm

I am hesitant to enable video since it significantly increases storage requirement. Vimeo and Youtube, or even google drive exist and work well.


I will say that I love the ability to use videos in GitHub issues and do so all the time for quick screen recordings.

Also, as a counterpoint, people will use gifs if you don’t let them use video, and they are huge in comparison. How about enabling mp4 but setting a conservative max file limit, like 5mb or so, people will deal with that. It’s much better than nothing.


Let’s turn it on a trial bases, I will try to keep an eye on disk use.

(Quick note I also allowed upload of .toml and .jl)