Very basic juno+julia portable installation(an idea)


What do you think it is worthy to make script or client-side apps that:

  1. download FRESH Atom and Julia installations
  2. set it up and update
  3. download and set up fresh version of the juno environment
  4. make the whole installation bundle portable…

At the first glance, it may be useful for beginners and unexperienced users (like students), while (at least) the lang core, its main packages, the atom, and juno itself are under heavy development…



ANN: The JuliaPro distribution by Julia Computing


NO!!! the JuliaPro bundle de facto is still unstable, unportable, very rare updated. Its components are outdated, and yet it looks like the refreshing of the some components (like the Atom editor) are intentionally blocked within. I tried to install it on 4 comps… and just in the 2 cases it worked well (from the box)… Of course the idea behind the juliapro bundle is very good… but while its components are quickly changed. the realization i am afraid will be poor…


I think this is a great idea. And have it rebuild the system image for Julia as well. I would be a big fan of this.