Julia, Atom and Jupyter all-in-one installer for Windows

I started building this a few weeks ago as a script for my own use, and decided to make it more public: https://github.com/heetbeet/juliawin

What do you all think? Is this a useful pursuit or is this largely replicated by Julia Pro? If it’s worth it, I’d consider getting a better website and deployment pipeline going.


Haven’t tested it yet but I think that any attempt to bundle up Julia with Jupyter is worthwhile for teaching. In my experience, 90% of students’ issues are Jupyter (or more generally python) related. If we could avoid those that would be a big improvement!

(Will check it out soon and report back.)

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An alternative route would be to drop python/jupyter and go for nteract instead. IJulia has instructions.

Although I like the idea of dedicated notebooks, last time I checked nteract was way to much in a beta state for it to be used for undergrad teaching. Has the situation changed? Is someone using it for teaching already?

I had the same impression last time I considered using nteract for teaching (Aug 2019). However, recent versions look more stable.

At this point, the only gripe I have is (a) autocomplete does not work (although there is a PR for that); (b) nteract does not update the kernelspec on saving the notebook (at least not if was earlier created in jupyter), which is a bit of a nuisance.

Cool, I’ll check it out. I think I want to go for a setup where you can pick and choose the tools you want packaged, and also build the launcher exe’s accordingly. Then you can choose jupyter or nteract or both (or none).

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Add nteract to Juliawin: https://github.com/heetbeet/juliawin/issues/14