Versioning of documentation fails

I’m trying to achieve versioning for my documentation created with documenter. I’ve set the devbranch = "dev" in the deploydocs function, but use the defaults apart from that. Yet still, in the documenation the dropdown menu only shows the option dev, even after I changed my version (e.g. from 0.8.29 to 0.8.3). Also, the gh-pages branch does not show any versions apart from dev.

I’ve compared this with the setups of other documenations that achieve versioning and did not find a difference. Travis does not report any errors.

Did Travis actually run for the tag? It can happen that branch settings in .travis.yml disallow it. Could you provide links to the configuration and Travis logs?

Here are links to the travis configuration and logs.

It looks like you haven’t created a tag/release corresponding to the release (with the version number as the tag). It should be sufficient if you just create a tag in the GitHub interface, to get the documentation to deploy.

However, it also looks like you haven’t registered you package in the General registry yet? Just be aware that you need to do that in order to get “proper” releases (that you can simply pkg> add without the URL). Once you decide to do that, you probably want to set up TagBot, which can create the tags automatically for you.

Thanks. I was not aware of that.