VegaLite with vscode

When I plot something with VegaLite using vscode the plot shows up as a thumbnail in a new window. The thumbnail size stays static even though I resize the plot window. Is there any way I can get the plot to resize as I readjust the plot window? Thanks.

I think you have the same issue as mine when I first start using VegaLite.jl, for mine the problem was the default values for width and height were small so the output seems like a thumbnail. I just add width = 600 and height = 600 inside my @vlplot code to increase the default values.

Increasing the width and height to 600 makes it better but I still have room in the window to expand. When I increased the height and width value to 800 it shrunk the markers and made it harder to read. It appears at 800 the scaling gets weird. The plot just seems too small.

One thing that you can do is to turn off Use Plot Pane in VSCode, which passes the result to web browser.