UTF8 support in Juno console workaround?

In a previous post, @PetrKryslUCSD showed that starting Atom from inside the Git bash allows the shell commands, like ls the functions as expected in the console. That is extremely helpful.

UTF8 support however is still lacking. Unless, of course, I am doing something silly.

I have changed the settings in Atom as well as Git bash to use FiraCode and in bash (outside of Atom) as well as the editor, the \scrP character displays correctly as 𝒫. In the console, however, I still get the usual

help?> �
"�" can be typed by \scrP<tab>

Now, I know that compared to world peace, low carbon energy and faster time to first plot (:grinning:), this is a pretty low-level problem, but for reasons not even I can explain, this one particularly grinds my gears. Much more so than waiting for the plotting back-end to finish its morning coffee, at least. (Yes, I understand that this is weird, but we are each allowed our own little deviations.)

If anyone has figured out a work-around to get this going in Windows, I would really appreciate a pointer or two.

This isn’t a lack of UTF-8 support, it’s simply that this character doesn’t have a glyph in the font you are using in that window (nor in any fallback fonts that have been set up).


The same font (FiraCode) in the editor, bash and the REPL (by running julia.exe from bash) all display the character correctly. It is only in the Atom console inside that it does not. If that is due to lack of glyph support, then I am now truly confused.

It could be that the glyph is not rendering from FiraCode itself, but via a fallback font, and your fallback fonts are configured differently in the different environments. (The Windows console does not support fallback fonts at all: see here.)


The sad, but naked truth, I’m afraid. Thanks.