Using ImageView in combination with Revise on MacOS slows everything to a crawl


I am having a weird issue where using ImageView slows down my whole Julia session.

It happens when I am using Revise (loaded in the startup.jl as per the Revise instructions) and I am using ImageView. After this, everything seems to slow down or there must be something recompiling with each command.

I made a video to demonstrate what’s happening:

Can someone please help me with this issue? Am I doing something wrong?

Don’t have an answer for you, but I have noticed some unexplained pauses while working with Images / ImageView. Might be related to Images imfilter performance drops when using ImageView ?

This does seem familiar.
Do you know of any package with a function similar to imshow?
(Until this problem gets resolved.)

You can use:
One example from their gallery:

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Thanks for the quick tip.
I tried it but all my plots end with an error no method matching gl_convert(::Symbol), I submitted it as an issue on the Makie github.

I also tried it that on a fresh install of Makie and it fails with the same error. For the moment I fixed it by installing:

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Yes, this works. Thank you!
I got the same reply on the issue.

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For debugging ImageView let’s centralize discussion at

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