ImageView.imshow() crashes when playing with contrast values and crashing the REPL

I’ve been trying to use the ImageView.jl package for viewing images from TestImages.jl package to see and playing around with the contrast slider.Specifically I used mri-stack.tif image. I think it has some bugs and issues with it. For example when I execute following code in the REPL:

julia> using ImageView, TestImages

julia> dct = testimage("mri-stack.tif")

julia> imshow(dct)

it launches the imageview window fine…
But after playing with the contrast values, my computer’s performance significantly slows down and…

finally succumbs to a crashing the ImageView window and REPL with it.

My question is that is anybody can recreate this issue? And what other alternatives there are to ImageView.jl? I heard that Makie.jl is quite capable?

Welcome to Julia Discourse, and sorry for the late reply.

This problem could be reproduced on my Windows machine with ImageView.jl v0.12.3 (< v0.12.4).

xref: Infinite loop when bars cross in contrast GUI · Issue #308 · JuliaImages/ImageView.jl · GitHub

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cf: Improper `Normed` handling in the contrast GUI · Issue #310 · JuliaImages/ImageView.jl · GitHub

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So does this mean that ImageView v0.12.5 fixed this issue? How to update to the latest version? When I run in the repl:
(@v1.10) pkg> update ImageView;
it remains at the version
(@v1.10) pkg> st [86fae568] ImageView v0.12.1

I have managed to install the latest version 0.12.5 by running the command which I got from of ChatGPT:

using Pkg;
Pkg.add(PackageSpec(name="ImageView", version="0.12.5"));

After that I can confirm that the issue has been resolved. Thank you @kimikage!