Using dates as axis labels


I can’t figure out how to display a string, eg representing a date for the x axis labels for time series data using makie.jl. Perhaps this is just a symptom of a broader level of incompetance.

I tried something like this

series!(ax, plotdata[1:100], labels=string.(datedata[1:100]),solid_color=:black)

but the labels just get ignored and the x axis just shows an integer reflecting the position of the value in plotdata.

I feel like I’m missing something important with Makie. I don’t have a matlab or python or plotting background so all the terminology using in the Makie api is foreign and I can’t find any documentation to get me up to speed.
Can someone point me to some documents or examples showing how this is done?

and/or pointers to some conceptual documentation. The website and the api docs are just not helping because of my skill gaps.


Here’s the section that explains axis ticks: Axis

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Thanks Jules,

That’s the section I have been reading but so much of it is over my head. eg the following is interesting to me

tickvalues, ticklabels = MakieLayout.get_ticks(ticks, scale, formatter, vmin, vmax)
tickvalues = MakieLayout.get_tickvalues(ticks, vmin, vmax)
ticklabels = MakieLayout.get_ticklabels(formatter, tickvalues)

but these functions don’t appear when I search the api and I can find any information about their usage or examples. I don’t even understand what each of these parameters are. I know I’m missing something but just can’t see how to find it or the best approach to learn. It’s like I’m missing the standard plotting language manual.



Take a look here; the site has many other plotting examples with Makie. That particular example also makes use of the time series package. That package also details some examples using a different plotting package.

Thanks for the great links George.