Use this forum to organize local Julia-meetups instead of

What are the opinions on using this forum to organize local Julia-meetups instead of (or whatever else is used)? The main reason I ask is that costs me, as a organizer, 60/year. Without offering any benefits, as far as I can tell, over posting & organizing meetups here for 0 (at least for my small group in Zurich).

Would this be acceptable? Desirable? Would we make a new (sub-)category for each meetup? If I understand discourse correctly, this would not lead to any noise to other, not interested users.


I think that would be absolutely an appropriate usage of discourse and this category. I just added a meetup tag and we can create make city/country specific meetup tags that users then can subscribe to. Once we get enough meetup post I will probably create a subcategory here.


Cool, thanks. I’ll discuss this at our next meeting.

Is there a way to set a tag/category be by default “muted” for all users, unless they unmute it? Say, a “meetup-zurich” tag would be of no interest to most of the 500+ users. So it would be great to have to actively “subscribe” to that (as opposed to 490 users having to actively “unsubscribe”). A quick search turned this up:, so the answer is probably “no”.

Discourse has a couple different levels of notification. Muted is a very strong and the Normal level should be sufficient.
Community members still will see topics about meetups as new topics, but they won’t get notifications about them. I think about normal as a unsubscribed and muted as ignore.

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Sounds good. Thanks for the clarification.